April 26, 2013-5TerreCave-5738
This was the cave leading to the small beach in the Cinque Terre town of Vernazza.  It was a natural rock formation that created a gateway between the town and the beach.

For more photos of my trip to Cinque Terre, go to the following blog post:


Last (lecture) class while abroad today.  Only two more final exams, and my studying portion of this experience will come to a close.  Sadly, three days after that I will be boarding a plane back to the US.

On a good note, I get to go watch the first Stage of the Giro d’Italia tomorrow!  The first stage is in Naples, so after a short train ride, I can watch my first UCI WorldTour race!!  Everything is lining up for it to be a beautiful day in Naples – 80’s and sunny.  Can’t wait!

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