This is the inside of the Duomo, or Florence Cathedral.  The interior was designed using a Gothic style and includes a fresco on the dome that covers roughly 3,600 meters squared of surface. (sorry for the slightly out of focus photo, very low light conditions!)


Tonight I had a very interesting opportunity.  Arcadia University has given us multiple “Co-Curricular Learning” opportunities for our time here in Rome.   For this specific opportunity, I got to help out a local group who provides meals to many of the homeless immigrants of Rome (mainly from Afghanistan).   I have helped at soup kitchens and stuff before, but this was out in the cold, in front of a train station near me.  We were able to serve a couple hundred people before running out of food.  Most of the food is donated from supermarkets and pizza places in the area.  Definitely interesting to see the people who are visibly homeless, versus those who might be doing a little better.   All in all, I will be going back 3-4 Wednesdays this semester to help out.

Grant, KC, and I will be getting up very early tomorrow to catch a flight to Barcelona.  Can’t wait!  There won’t be a new post until probably Monday, as I will not be bringing my computer.  There may be a random upload to twitter, which you can find at the bottom of the page!

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