Eternal Flame

The Eternal Flames (there’s actually two of them) are placed on either side of the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on the Il Vittoriano monument.  They signify the soldiers who lost their lives in World War One. _____________________________ Another midterm in the books, with one more to go!  It’s tough to find the motivation to […]


The metro system here in Rome has two lines, an A and B line.  This train is one of the newer trains that you’ll find on the tracks – mainly because there isn’t loads of graffiti covering the outside. _____________________________ I got the chance to Skype with my Mother who is visiting my Grandfather in […]

Habemus Papam Franciscum

“We have Pope Francis.” Pope Francis is not only the first Latin American Pope, but he’s the first Pope to not come from Europe in 1200 years.  The name Francis was chosen for it’s meaning of “poverty, humility, simplicity and rebuilding the Catholic Church,” as stated on CNN. _____________________________ Today started out like every other […]


Parco degli Acquedotti, or Park of the Aqueducts.  This is a photo from last Wednesday’s “At Home in Rome” class where we got to visit the Aqueducts in pouring rain. This is a drawing on the wall in between the arch way of the aqueduct, describing how it was once a church for the people […]


This is another shot from the CLC on Sunday.  This is from the top of the Bamboo structure/sculpture that I had mentioned on Sunday.  It was definitely not the safest feeling structure, but I made it to the top and got this shot of a road crossing the Tiber. Here is the Structure from the […]

i Giovani di Roma

“Rome’s Youth” This is one of the photos from the session today.  I will continue to scatter these photos throughout the next few weeks.  This photo was taken towards the end of the day while walking through a small park.  We happened to walk up on this group of kids, and the one child in […]

Old Meets New

A look at the old and the new (ish) of Rome.  The Theatre of Marcellus mixed with new age apartments and architecture.  The building originally held one of the first open air theatres in Rome, in 12 BC!  The apartments above the old ruins now are home to apartments worth over 1.2 million euro… for a […]


Our dessert from the Lazio feast.  This consisted of multiple kinds of biscotti’s, along with a few other pastries.  The other Italians at our table told us to try them dipped in wine, rather than Coffee (what most Americans think). ________________ For those that might think study abroad is a breeze, there are still exams. […]


The Lazio countryside


It’s pretty crazy how many different kinds of prosciutto Italians eat.  This plate was part of the Antipasti course, along with cheeses, breads, beans, and bruschetta.


These are a lot better than anything you’d find at Starbucks… Fresh made less than an hour ago. _________________ Today we spent almost the entire day trying to plan a few trips.  Schedule is as follows so far: Florence – February 9th and 10th Barcelona – February 14th – 17th Dublin – February 27th – […]


The Abbey of Farfa originated in the late 600’s.  The Abbazia di Farfa belongs to the Benedictine Order.  There is a large cathedral in the middle of the Abbey that contains remains of the original buildings constructed in the area, along frescos depicting different historical events.  The monks who have lived in the Abbey over […]


Tough to have a bad day when you have almost 360 views of this while eating a multiple course day. ________________ Sorry for the delay of the next few posts – I’m having a few technical difficulties with my external hard drive.  It’s basically preventing me from uploading new photos off my camera. Sunday morning, […]


It’s interesting to see how Rome is intertwined with the old and new. __________ Today was a relatively gloomy day weather wise.  After a short downpour in the afternoon, Andrew, Grant, and I decided to try and figure out the metro system and head over to the Vatican.  The metro here is not only very […]


Via del Ostiense by night.  This is the major street connected to our apartment. ________________ First week of intensive Italian finished!  We’re moving very rapidly – or espresso (as our book clearly states on the cover).  Having taken a few years of French, I am able to pick up on grammar and words a lot […]