San Paolo

Basilica Papale di San Paolo fuori le Mura, or St. Paul’s Outside the Walls, is located south of the historic part of Rome.  With construction beginning in the fourth century and continuing till the 19th, this Basilica is one of the largest and most famous in Rome.  As noted in my post a few days ago, […]

Addii | Goodbyes

_____________________________ Forewarning – This post could be really short, or a long, rambling/incoherent one.  We’ll see how things go when I start talking about this experience.  A completely random generation of images that I have taken this semester I’ll transition into the post by having you watch the Italy Edition of my study abroad experience: […]

L’Ultimo Giorno

The keys to the Gazo.. tough to let go of. _____________________________  L’ultimo giorno – the last day. A day that I was in denial about for the last month or so.  A day that I had hoped would remain ‘a few weeks away.’  But, it had to happen eventually, and there was nothing I could […]

Palatine Hill

Palatine Hill contains some of the most ancient ruins, compared to the other six hills of Rome.  The Hill is said to have been the location of the cave that Remus and Romulus had been found by the she-wolf that mothered them. The Hill was home to many of the Falvian Dynasty’s palaces (hence the […]

Colosseum Arena

The Colosseum was initially constructed starting 70AD by Vespasain.  The structure is also called Flavian Amphitheater, due to the Flavian dynasty of three emperors that aided in building it. The area itself was 83 by 48 meters.  The floor was initially made of wood so gladiators and ‘wild beasts’ could be raised into the area […]

Capitoline Hill

Capitoline Hill is probably one of the most important of the seven hills of Rome.  It was initially the Citadel of the city, but has since transformed into the Capitoline Museums, surrounding Piazza del Campidoglio. _____________________________ After a rainy morning, I headed out towards the historic center to check off a few more things on […]

Spanish Steps

The 121 steps of la Scalinata della Tinità dei Monti connect Piazza di Spagna with Piazza dei Monti.  The steps were completed in 1717.  In the beginning of the summer, the Steps are covered in rhododendrons until May 12th. _____________________________ I went on a bit of a journey today to collect my Permesso di Soggiorno, […]

Tiber River

The Tiber River is the main reason why the Roman Empire was able to thrive in Rome.  The river, which is the third longest river in Italy, flows 406km into the Mediterranean Sea.  The name comes from numerous myths and legends – from Kings relieving themselves into the river to the story of Remus and […]


Vatican City is not only the smallest city state in the world area wise (110 acres), but also population wise (at roughly 800 citizens).  It first gained it’s independence from Italy in 1929.  St. Peter’s Basilica and Square were both constructed in the 16th century. _____________________________ With the days counting down, it’s finally time to […]


This ‘bar’ is the one of two businesses within Idroscalo, a small “self made city” near the delta of the Tiber River with the Mediterranean Sea.  As explained below, this city lies in a grey area for city officials.  The residents have lived in the city for nearly 50 years – illegally.  The roughly 2,000 […]


This was one of the seven children in the family that we visited.  He had a great time introducing himself as Spiderman, pounding everyone’s fists, and arm wrestling – until he brought out his PSP… _____________________________ For our At Home in Rome class today, we had an on site visit to Monachina, a small camp/compound […]

Ostia Lido

Mark tossing a frisbee to a new friend on the beach. _____________________________ With more beautiful weather forecasted for the day, Mark (my friend from home who’s also studying in Rome) invited me to come along to the beach for the day with him and two friends.  I was more than happy to join. We went […]


This is the Oculus of the Pantheon.  The purpose of this oculus was for natural light and partly as a sundial type system.  The height of the oculus matches the diameter of the Pantheon itself at around 43 meters.  The Pantheon has been used for many things over the ages, but is still used as […]

Via Crucis

As mentioned below, the Stations of the Cross or Way of the Cross, consists of 14 different ‘stations’ that depict the events from Jesus’ condemning to death, until the burial in His tomb.  It is commonly on done on Good Friday, but can be done at anytime throughout the year. _____________________________ There was a break […]

il Tricolore

The Italian flag, known as il Tricolore, was formally adopted in 1948, but has origins dating back to the 1700’s.  The three colors, red, white, and green signify a few things, some being physical things, other theological.  The physical meanings come from local landmarks with the green being plains and hills, white being the alps, […]