Christ Church

The Christ Church Cathedral is the first cathedral to be built in Dublin, around the 11th century.  It is now home to the tomb of Strongbow, a warlord requested to come to Ireland by a medieval king at the time. _____________________________ For our At Home in Rome class today, we made our way over to […]


This is a cell from the original block of cells of the Kilmainham Gaol.  All the cells were locked with small holes like this to view how the prisoners lived. _____________________________ I had my first class today for the Material Science course that I’m taking for the semester.  Arcadia was unaware of when the class […]


Hard to not post another one of these.  This one shows how close you can get…  There’s nothing besides a slate wall that stops you from actually seeing over the edge, except no one actually stays behind the slate wall.

Kilmainham Gaol

The Victorian Wing, or East Wing, of the Kilmainham Gaol.  This wing has been used many times within popular media, such as in the original film the Italian Job, or a U2 music video.  The wing itself was built in 1861 upon the principal of separation and silence.  In the original part of the jail, […]

Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher rise up to 214 meters from the Atlantic Ocean.  The span 8 kilometers down the coast and have been ranked in the top ten natural wonders of the world many times.  This photo wasn’t easy to choose from the pile that I have.  I am sure another will make an appearance […]


A nice night shot of the River Liffey, facing the Port of Dublin. _____________________________ Part of the reason I ended up in Dublin this weekend was because of something a few of my roommates celebrate back at school – Unofficial. Basically at the University of Illinois, they celebrate St. Patrick’s day the weekend before because […]

Guinness Storehouse

There is an album of photos from the Guinness Storehouse tour.  The Storehouse itself was opened up in 2000 to show the history of Guinness and how it’s made.  It was initially the site of part of the fermentation process, opened up in the early 20th century. _____________________________ There’s definitely something different about sleeping in […]

Sphere Within Sphere

This is a sculpture done by Arnoldo Pomodoro that is in many places around the world, including the Vatican.  This one specifically was at Trinity College in Dublin.  You can see my reflection on two different parts of the sculpture due to the shape it was given. _____________________________ 2.5 hours and three different buses later, […]