Like I had mentioned in my posts about Amsterdam, bikes are probably the number one mode of transportation within the city.  Our tour guide said it best – there are double the number of bikes in the city than there are people.. With hundreds of bikes being thrown into the canals EVERY WEEK, he said […]


This statue is located in one of the oldest inner courts in Amsterdam called Begiijnhof.  The court is home to the English Reform Church of Amsterdam and the Begijnhofkapel, a hidden church of Amsterdam.  Most of the other buildings are private homes, and there is also one of the two remaining wooden homes in Amsterdam […]


Amsterdam, a city founded on it’s prominent ports near the river Amstel, has a rich history of trade and now tourism.  With a name based off the dutch words translating to Amstel River Dam, the city is the capital of the Netherlands and is in the top 15 countries in the world for quality of […]