Capitoline Hill

May 07, 2013-RomaCapitalLineHillEntrance-6516

Capitoline Hill is probably one of the most important of the seven hills of Rome.  It was initially the Citadel of the city, but has since transformed into the Capitoline Museums, surrounding Piazza del Campidoglio.


After a rainy morning, I headed out towards the historic center to check off a few more things on my to-do list.  I originally planned to see the Colosseum, but the predicted rains sent me to an indoor place – Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini, to see the Capuchin Crypt.  The church was built in 1626 for Pope Urban VIII’s brother, Antonio Barberini, a Capuchin Friar.  Barbarini had ordered that the bones of deceased Friars be collected and placed near the walls of the church.  Between 1528 and 1870, over 3,700 skeletons had been collected.  Their remains were then arranged in the Capuchin crypt around the end of the 19th century, favoring a Baroque and Rococo Style.  The Crypt has six different small rooms, each representing something unique (whether it’s specific bones or a ceremony).

May 07, 2013-RomaChurchofBones-6435Santa Maria della Concenzione

The Crypt was a very powerful experience.  Aside from the fact that there were nearly 4,000 dead Friar’s skeletons, there were some mummified bodies as well.  Definitely took me a few minutes to get over that before I could appreciate what I was seeing. The detail that was taken for each design was very interesting.   Unfortunately, they wouldn’t allow photos to be taken, so I cannot share anything with you.  If you google Capuchin Crypt, their website will come up.

May 07, 2013-RomaSpanishStepsTop-6443Top of the Spanish Steps looking down at Piazza di Spagna

The weather had completely turned by the time I came out, so I was able to stroll around the city a bit.  I walked towards the Spanish Steps, because I knew they were now adorned with rhododendrons, celebrating summer (see yesterday’s featured photo).

May 07, 2013-RomaPiazzadelPopoloFace-6468Some statues surrounding Piazza del Popolo

From there, I walked towards Piazza del Popolo to snap a few photos and walk down Via del Corso.  I did my best to enjoy the city without thinking about how this would be the last time I’d be to these places before returning home..

May 07, 2013-RomaPiazzadelPopolo-6474Piazza del Popolo

May 07, 2013-RomaPiazzadelPopoloFountain-6483A long exposure of the fountain in the center of the Piazza

May 07, 2013-RomaVittoriano-6509Vittoriano

As I passed the Vittoriano, I decided I should probably take a stroll up Capitoline Hill one more time.  That is the featured photo above.

May 07, 2013-RomaCapitalLineHill-6519Capital Line Hill – the capitoline museums surround Piazza del Campidoglio

May 07, 2013-RomaScholars-6500A popular spot for Study Abroad Students – especially for the karaoke



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