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Like I had mentioned in my posts about Amsterdam, bikes are probably the number one mode of transportation within the city.  Our tour guide said it best – there are double the number of bikes in the city than there are people.. With hundreds of bikes being thrown into the canals EVERY WEEK, he said it’s pretty easy to pick up an old bike for around 10 euro…

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I woke up feeling a little better thankfully.  Lots of sleep and Vitamin C really does help!

After class, I was eager to get out on the roads and running again.  This run, paired with the awesome weather in Rome was helping to keep the spirits high after a great spring break.

We ended up going to the city to walk down Via del Corso (where there are lots of clothing shops).  I had never been to Piazza del Popolo yet, so we walked through there as well.  Via del Corso is a straight street going from the Vittoriano monument, all the way down to Piazza del Popolo.  Pretty cool!

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