Will and I in front of the National Art Museum of Catalonya. Plaça d’Espanya to our left.


I tried to wake up this morning with a fresh, clear head and made sure the events of the previous night wouldn’t tarnish the trip’s experiences.  Where we went really helped do so!  (Of course I decided to not bring my camera to record it through..)

To start off the day, we went to one of the famous sandwich shops of the city.  You get to choose a meat, then load it up with a bunch of really fresh veggies.  Definitely a great way to start the day!

We went to Park Guell which includes some more Gauli inspired work.  There were some amazing mosaic work and a nice walk to the top of a small hill.  The view at the top was another breathtaking view of Barcelona.

Will had to run off, so Grant and I headed back into La Bouqueria to walk around some more.  We wanted to try this interesting looking pink fruit called Pitahaya.  We had seen it as part of the fruit juices, so we assumed it’d taste pretty sweet.  Unfortunately, it tasted like a mixture of the texture of kiwi and flavor of flowers.  We both couldn’t eat more than a bite.  But hey, we wanted to experience new things and we sure did.


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