Barcelona Cathedral

The Barcelona Cathedral, or Cathedral of the Holy Cross and Saint Eulalia, is perhaps one of the most important Cathedrals in Barcelona.  The Cathedral holds the seat of the Archbishop of Barcelona.  The exterior was completed between the 13th and 14th century in a neo-gothic style.


Nice day with no classes.  Definitely helped me recover from the last few days of traveling.

After going for a nice run along the Tiber, it has become very evident that the Gelateria that opened literally a few doors down from our apartment will be frequented quite a bit…. Every day.

The lady that owns it unfortunately doesn’t know any English, but since today was the second time we went there, she already knows we’re going to be frequent visitors.  We had some rough conversation with her to let her know we live a few doors down and go to school in the area.  As we were leaving, I threw in a quick “a domani” (basically see you tomorrow) which she laughed at – chalk that one up as a win.  We now are very close with two important places on the block – a pizza place and now a gelateria.

The semester of carbo loading is now in full swing.

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