Banasura Sagar Dam

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The Banasura Sagar Dam is the largest earthen dam in India, and the second largest in Asia.  It was named after Banasura, the son of a popular King of the state of Kerala. The Dam has become a popular tourist destination for it’s hill trails, gardens, and boat rides.  The dam provides drinking water and hydroelectric power for the surrounding area.


Our first day off from Production!  We all got to enjoy an extra hour of sleep before heading off for some sightseeing.

The first stop was the Banasura Sagar Dam, an earthen dam that was created by flooding a few small towns and villages to create a water source for drinking and electricity.  The dam has what they call “speedboat” tours… more on that later.

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The area was beautiful – surrounded by the Banasura Hill, which is the second tallest mountain in the area.  The area was definitely touristy, as there were gardens built up along the water with some fountains and very fake looking mushrooms…

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While we were sitting and waiting for our boat ride, a very colorfully dressed woman came into the small sitting area and sat down.  She was surrounded by a group of people that looked to be westerners.  Someone instructed us to call her ‘Mother’ and they started to play some music out of iPad speakers.. We were all a little confused, and I honestly had to walk away as the woman said nothing to these people around her.  Not exactly sure what was going on, but someone threw around the word Guru, which I personally disagree with the potential that she was one.  This is her below:

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For the “speedboat” ride, we walked out onto a rickety dock where small 12 foot boats were smashing into the docks and the rocks.  With four boats there, and what looked like only two in operation, I said a quick prayer as four of us boarded the boats at a time.

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The tour consisted of a quick lap around the reservoir.  The boat driver tried to make it fun by doing some sweeping ‘s’ turns, but I was happy to make it back to the dock (mostly) dry!  It did offer up some cool views.

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The skies darkened, and we could see some lightning in the distance.  It was one reason to head back to the bus, but the main reason was to go grab some lunch at a resort.  I tried to get a shot of lightning, but after roughly 40 shots, I gave up and chalked it up as a loss.

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After we had lunch at a resort that was overlooking the Dam, we headed towards a wildlife reserve area to try and see some local animals.  Unfortunately it was too late at this point and we couldn’t go in, so we ended up driving around the area for a little while to see if we say anything near the road.

October 19, 2013-IndiaDay8-9128
We actually ended up seeing some moneys, deer, and other small animals – but we got very lucky and saw an ELEPHANT!  It was probably about 100 yards from the road, but an elephant in the wild none the less!

October 19, 2013-IndiaDay8-9129


We capped off the day with a dinner at another resort – which included a moth flying around that was the size of my face!

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