February 24, 2013-BambooRoads-1908
This is another shot from the CLC on Sunday.  This is from the top of the Bamboo structure/sculpture that I had mentioned on Sunday.  It was definitely not the safest feeling structure, but I made it to the top and got this shot of a road crossing the Tiber.

February 24, 2013-BambooStructure-1890Here is the Structure from the base


I’ve thankfully found a pretty good route for running that runs along the Tiber, and crosses it.  This prevents having to cross streets and is definitely safer.  Now I just need to find a safe route to ride my bike on…

We’re off to Dublin tomorrow night, so there won’t be any posts till Monday the 4th where I’ll catch up!

I also updated the homepage with a “Current Location”, Calendar of Posts, and “Upcoming Trips” section.  Let me know your thoughts!

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