2014 BMW M4 Series

April 21, 2013-Munich3BMW13-5366

The new 2014 BMW M4 series coupe was on display in the BMW Welt.  This model retails for around 40,000€.. A bit out of my price range, but hey who knows.


Usual Mechanics of Materials class this morning, except it was our last lecture due to a national holiday Thursday!

On my afternoon run, I saw a few very interesting things.  The first was the Roma Polizia guarding the entrance to a small ‘shanty’ town near the Tiber River.  I could see a huge excavator ripping up the remains of the small homes that some of Rome’s refugees had once lived in.  Some were still standing by near the running path, obviously now without a home.  A sorry sight to see, but the city is trying to maintain some type of control over squatters.  I have mentioned marginality, especially in last week’s post “Gypsies” and their illegal homes in Rome.

Another thing was a few Cabaniri (military police) who looked like they had pulled over a person riding a motorbike.  One officer had a sub machine gun out, so I have no idea what that could have been about..

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