2013 January


Roommates (minus Sam) in front of the Vittorio __________________ Crazy to think I’ve already been here for over a week – time is flying! Relatively low key day.  The amount we have been walking around is crazy to think about.  Yesterday we probably walked a little over 10 miles.  I wouldn’t be far off if […]


After walking up to the Colosseo (Colosseum), it is very evident why it is one of the seven wonders of the world.  The structure itself is massive and was constructed almost two millennia ago under emperor Vespasian!  Over its active life, it saw numerous gladiator battles, performances, shops, and even housing. __________ After our third […]


The National Monument of Vittorio Emanuele II, also known as Alter of the Fatherland, was erected after Vittorio Emanuele passed away.  He was the first King of Italy and was known as the “Father of the Nation”.  The monument also has the nation’s tomb of the Unknown Soldier, which is guarded similarly to the United States’ Tomb […]

Roman Forum

This is part of the excavation of the Roman Forum.  The ‘building’ in the right is part of the Basilica Aemilia.  This was used for bankers and shops. _______________ Today we had our first day of ‘intensive’ Italian language studies.   We were warned about how we would be taught using an Italian structure (no […]

Arch of Constantine

The Archo di Constantino was an important part of the Via Triumphalis.  It was erected in 312 AD by the Roman Senate for Constantine’s win over Maxentius in the Battle of Milvian Bridge.  The Arch influenced many other monuments, like the Arc de Triomphe in France. ___________ Learned a little more about the trains of Italy […]

Via Triumphalis

This is the Arch of Constantine along with the Colosseo (aka Colosseum).  This area is part of a Roman Road known as the Via Triumphalis, where monuments were  often erected after a victory (including the Arch of Constantine). Truly impossible to understand the size of these two structures without standing right next to them. _____ […]


Easily the most common mode of transportation around here.  They all have zero fear of other cars on the road.


Our apartment is far nicer than I expected.  From the streets, the building looks older, pieces of concrete missing, and graffiti on the ground floor.  Thankfully, we have a newly remodeled apartment. Walking into the apartment, we were greeted by very high ceilings (makes it feel a lot bigger). There is a small living room, […]


London Heathrow Airport at 4:50am.


Having to pack my life into a suit case wasn’t easy.  At least I got a bike box to fit some extra stuff in!