2013 Fall Semester Recap

This semester, as part of my COM minor, I took a course called Digital Media Production.  The course helped to further my knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator, along with picking up some new Photography skills.  Considering I have had no formal training in either of those areas, I was able to learn a great amount and truly enjoyed the course!

Below is some of my work from the semester.

September 29, 2013_SemesterFinal_Portfolio_Piper_Roommate Alex “Portrait”

October 14, 2013_SemesterFinal_Portfolio_Piper_CowIndia – Prashanthagiri October 18, 2013_SemesterFinal_Portfolio_Piper_FieldsIndia – Prashanthagiri

October 21, 2013_SemesterFinal_Portfolio_Piper_EyesIndia – Prashanthagiri

October 22, 2013_SemesterFinal_Portfolio_Piper_LunchIndia – Tribal School

October 23, 2013_SemesterFinal_Portfolio_Piper_ShopIndia – Valad

October 24, 2013_SemesterFinal_Portfolio_Piper_ArabLightsDubai – Arabian Desert

October 24, 2013_SemesterFinal_Portfolio_Piper_DessertDubai – Arabian Desert

November 25, 2013_SemesterFinal_Portfolio_Piper_StatueSt. Thomas of Villanova Church HDR

December 01, 2013_SemesterFinal_Portfolio_Piper_FallHouseHDRFall HDR

December 08, 2013_SemesterFinal_Portfolio_Piper_WinterHouseHDRWinter HDR

December 05, 2013_SemesterFinal_Portfolio_Piper_NovaBBall2Villanova Basketball vs. Penn

December 05, 2013_SemesterFinal_Portfolio_Piper_NovaBBall1Villanova Basketball vs. Penn

December 05, 2013_SemesterFinal_Portfolio_Piper_NovaBBallVillanova Basketball vs. Penn

Restoration-01Photo Restoration – James Piper Sr.

Piper_BookJacket1Book Jacket Project


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