exploSHIV – Part Two: The Final Build exploSHIV – Part One: “Painting” the Frame 2013 Fall Semester Recap Dad, You are an Ironman! Arabian Desert Valad Final Days Light in the Dark Poise Banasura Sagar Dam Tribal School Tailoring 22 Years Day Four Prashanthagiri

exploSHIV – Part Two: The Final Build

#exploSHIV If you missed Part One, check it out here – exploSHIV – Part One: “Painting” the Frame. This is one of the most unique frames you’ll see – both in concept and how it was actually painted.  I can guarantee that Brian Szykowny (the painter, @swiznooski) is the first person to build a rig to mount […]

exploSHIV – Part One: “Painting” the Frame

#exploSHIV Everyone wants something that’s ‘their own’ these days.  Something custom.  Or at least something that shows some of your ‘style.’  Brands do this by offering their products in different colors – you can choose from eight different colors for your iPhone, you can buy that car in six different finishes, you can get some […]

2013 Fall Semester Recap

This semester, as part of my COM minor, I took a course called Digital Media Production.  The course helped to further my knowledge of Photoshop and Illustrator, along with picking up some new Photography skills.  Considering I have had no formal training in either of those areas, I was able to learn a great amount […]

Dad, You are an Ironman!

The PPD Beach 2 Battleship is held annually in Wrightsville Beach, North Carolina.    Considering this would be my Dad’s first Ironman, he spent some serious time planning where and when the race would be.  This late in the season race proved to be the best fit – and he was set to swim 2.4 […]

Arabian Desert

The Arabian Desert covers roughly 2,330,000 square kilometers – making this vast expanse of sand one of the largest of its kind.  Dubai rests along one of the eastern borders of the Desert and is virtually surrounded by the Desert. _____________________________ To go from extreme poverty to extreme wealth is a HUGE shock to the […]


  Valad is essentially the town that encompasses the village of Prashanthagiri. This small town ‘center’ is located a few kilometers from the village and is home to shops and commerce of the area. _____________________________ A busy day of collecting last minute interviews, b roll, and saying goodbyes.  It has been an amazing experience in […]

Final Days

The youth of the area would come to this Tribal School.  They would all converge for lunch of a basic curry and rice – while having a chat with friends.  It was quite a bit of rice to cook at once! _____________________________ The atmosphere of today’s events followed very similarly to how the sun rises […]

Light in the Dark

  The children of the village were some of the most impactful people I met on the trip.  Many of them stared up at your with their beaming, beautiful eyes.  Even if they didn’t speak any English yet, they were always there to try and absorb whatever information you would share or join in on […]


Today was a day filled with interviews and some general socializing with the locals of Prashanthagiri.  The man above, John, owned some of the land we did an interview on with the waterfall in the background.  Even though he did not speak any english whatsoever, he hung around watching observing the interview.  This is probably […]

Banasura Sagar Dam

The Banasura Sagar Dam is the largest earthen dam in India, and the second largest in Asia.  It was named after Banasura, the son of a popular King of the state of Kerala. The Dam has become a popular tourist destination for it’s hill trails, gardens, and boat rides.  The dam provides drinking water and […]

Tribal School

Children of the village will wake up at sunrise and get themselves ready to walk nearly two miles over the hill to their school.  The school doesn’t have the same system as the US does, whereas grades over there are declared by ‘Standards.’  The ‘elementary school’ and ‘high school’ are both located right next to […]


The Tailoring Program at the Profugo house has been an amazing opportunity for some of the women in Prashanthagiri.  They have learned many business skills and are able to not only earn an income, but also give back to their whole community as the profits of the bags come right back to the village.   […]

22 Years

Not everyone can say they are able to celebrate a birthday abroad.  Even though I was away from family, I knew the trip as a whole was far more important than another birthday.  Especially considering there’s nothing to look forward to after you turn 21… right?  (except for renting cars…). _____________________________ This morning’s wake up […]

Day Four

The kids of Prashanthagiri loved having their photos taken.  The idea of being able to see their picture right after it was taken would usual create big crowds around us during a shoot.  I’ll always remember them shouting “Photo! Photo!” as we were walking up to them.  Being able to take photos and share them […]


Prashanthagiri, India is the small village that Profugo has centered their campaign for human development in.  The village is home to roughly 40 families that make their livings farming (banana’s, rice, coconuts, tea, coffee, and other fruits/nuts/vegetables), driving rickshaws, and doing other odd jobs.  The residents of the community have built their own homes on […]